Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your private information which we may collect through our website is important and respective to us. We adhere strictly to the privacy policy and maintain our decorum for our customers.

The information we may collect

We require certain information which might be personal and may be categorized as follow:

  • For account signups, ordering we will require emails, phone numbers, addresses, name and title of our customers
  • For purchasing or any other transactions, details would be required
  • During surveys, information might be collected
  • Any records related to your telephone, customer support chats, social media etc
  • Details of your visits to our website and correspondence of your device with the website, which includes searches and history
  • During your visit to our website we might require information like IP addresses, classification of the device, operating system, geographical location, device identification number and any other technical information which we might think is feasible for our records.

How we collect your data

  • We collect the data upon registration of your account, during certain inquiries, purchase or any other marketing communication subscriptions. We also collect the data which you might give our customer support team intentionally in through writing, email, live-chat or telephone
  • To enhance the shopping experience, data might be collected automatically by using cookies. If you visit our website then you are agreeing on the terms that we may place cookies on your devices and we might use them when you pay the next visit.

Usage of data and information

We may collect, pass on or hold information for the following purposes and we will not process them further if they are not related to the following:

  • Personalization and customization of our website to enhance your experience
  • Transactional processes or anything related to ongoing payments
  • Fulfilling your order which is still with us
  • For refund procedures
  • Opening your account
  • For communication purposes with you
  • To improve our website we may require your data for analytical use, for any research in the market, business management, social media or any applications related to your website.
  • Your preferences data is stored with us so that we can customize our website according to your needs.
  • For our administration work and record purposes
  • For surveys, we would obtain and analyse your data
  • For notifying you if we have any change in service
  • To resolve any disputes which you might have with us

The Procedures we follow to secure your data

We have special protections and advanced access controls which ensure safety, integrity and privacy of your precious information with us. On the contrary, we use SSL encryptions which encrypts your personal information for the safety against any unofficial use. All the transactional information reach us through encrypted data and nothing is stored on our site.

Your data might be shared with

We might share or obtain your data from the following third parties:

  • Third-party service providers like IT services providers, data storing, web organizers and server providers, marketing providers, maintenance providers and provider to give us advertising and marketing services. Apart from them your data might also be shared or obtained from debt collectors, payment systems operators and sponsors and promoters we work with.
  • Your data can also be shared and provided to third parties who are agents or sub-contractors and are working with us by providingvarious services to you.
  • Regulatory body, police or any government law enforcing agencies. As required by law, the data might be used for legal proceedings to establish, defend or practise our legal rights.

Your Right

You have the privilege to acquire your data which we might possess or hold as part of your information. Additionally, you also have the authority to rectify your data which we might be inaccurate from your perspective free of charge. At any time you have the authority to stop us from using your data against our marketing or any other purpose.

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